A Statement from Our Leader

I have thought a lot about the reasons for the success and excellence of (Kanee) company to possess the conviction that the secret lying behind our success is both our customers and human resources.
Our relationship with our customers has exceeded the relationship between just a customer and a company. Rather, we have become friends who contributed to establishing (Kanee) as they believe that the success of (Kanee) assures their success, and its excellence means they are excellent. Our relationship with our partners is a special relationship that we cherish, and they are the cause of our merit for a high position. Regarding our human resources, our interest in their good selection then high training is the secret of success.
What we are proud of in (Kanee) is that we do not accept losing a customer, because we do not accept losing a friend, and we are trying hard to preserve our human resources.
My thanks and gratitude to my friends, customers, and team.

Majed Abdullah Alterkait
Chairman of the Board of Directors