We are the Pioneers of Outsourcing in:

  • Human resources (Executive Search, Recruitment, Consultations, Training)
  • Project Management according to PMI standards.
  • Organizing Conferences and Events.

Kanee Distinctive Features

  • Kanee works according to PMI International Standards in project management through its Project Management Office (PMO).
  • We Maintain a high level of performance and apply top quality standards in our services. As a result, we achieved the ISO certificate (9001:2008) for quality management.
  • As We are not confined to borders, we always strive to support our clients through a specialized Global network of regional and international partners that starts with us and end with us.
  • We have the necessary infrastructure of systems and relations to support our projects and services.
  • Shareholders and owners are eminent businessmen.
  • 13 years of experience.
  • Distinguished managerial experiences.

Achievements We Are Proud Of

  • Organizing Gulf Leaders Summit 2015
  • Managing the project of the General (Public) Census of citizens, buildings and establishment in the state of Kuwait, 2011 on behalf of the Central Statistical Bureau. The project resources exceeded 6000 Employee.
  • Designing, activating and managing the first website for electronic census in the history of Kuwait as an initiative by Kanee.
  • Activating and Managing the first governmental call center receiving more than half million calls on behalf of the Central Statistical Office and run by national resources. The call center provided technical support in completing electronics census program.
  • Adapting the best system of data entry in the world (ICR), which is marked by accuracy and speed, in the project of the public census of Kuwait.
  • Managing the service of issuing tourist visas at Kuwait International Airport an behalf of the Ministry of Interior for three years 24/7 (nonstop service).
  • Providing the Kuwaiti oil sector with Administrative services for seven years and continue to do .
  • Organizing the Gulf Recruitment Forum for five terms.