Providing employment services inside and outside Kuwait

Attracting and hiring executive leaders

Project Integration management according to international standards

A Statement from Our Leader

I have thought a lot about the reasons for the success and excellence of (Kanee) company to possess the conviction that the secret lying behind our success is both our customers and human resources...

Why We Are Unique

Project management

(Kanee) operates according to international (PMI) standards in project management, and applies these standards to all its projects, and the Project Management Office (PMO) in (Kanee) performs this task.

Highest quality standard

We have maintained a high level of performance and applied the highest quality standards for all our services. Which qualified us to obtain the ISO

Support  of our customers

Because we don't stand behind borders; We always strive to support our customers through a specialized network of regional and international alliances and subscriptions that start with us and end with us.

Our infrastructure

We have the necessary infrastructure of systems and relationships to support our products and projects

Legal Entity

Brief Data About Kanee


Experience: 23 Years

Established in:1999



Capital at Incorporation


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